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Derek Friend
Rider Coach Derek Friend
A lifelong motorcyclist, Derek has been teaching MSF Courses since 2001. He began riding motorcycles at the age of 11, and transitioned from dirt bikes to street bikes during high school. After taking an MSF class in early 2001, Derek realized not how good he had been, but how much he had not known. There is so much to riding that a person misses until a structured learning environment demonstrates the what and how of riding. Derek's strong desire for safety and love of riding lead to the very natural step of becoming a Rider Coach. A true believer, it is the benefit to both new and experienced riders, and the class interaction, that keeps Derek's interest in working with Florida SafeRider, to provide the best program available in the region. His message to students is to never stop working on skills or stop learning and improving. We need to work to get better, smoother, safer, every time we strap on our helmets.

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