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Experienced Rider
Experienced Rider Course (ERC)
(For riders who already have a motorcycle endorsement.)

The ERC is designed to provide a safe, effective, and enjoyable training event for participants and RiderCoaches. It is intended to facilitate the development of riders within each exercise and throughout the course. Participants should have successfully completed the MSF Basic RiderCourse or equivalent, or have sufficient riding skills and experiences to operate a motorcycle with basic proficiency.

The ERC is conducted with certified MSF Instructors who have extensive experience with skill evaluation and the ability to impart various methods of riding in an effort to promote proficiency and increased awareness by the student and their skill level.

Participants of the ERC must ride their own motorcycle and show proof of insurance. Their motorcycle must be safe and street-ready. Participants must also wear proper riding gear to include a helmet, eye wear and long sleeve shirts. Over the ankle footwear is also needed.

The ERC does not conduct exercises that include laying your motorcycle down or any other exercise that would cause a student to drop their motorcycle. The RiderCoaches shall ensure that riders do not ride beyond their comfort and skill level, and that riders demonstrate the necessary minimal operational control and comfort with their motorcycle before attempting an exercise. At no time should riders participate in an exercise in which they feel uncomfortable or unsafe.

The ERC is conducted within a 4 – 5 hour time frame based on riders' needs. Please contact me with respect to times for this class as some are morning and some are afternoon. It is not conducted for the purpose of licensure. It should be realized that in everyday riding, a motorcyclist does not utilize the skills that become necessary in an emergency operation where extreme complex decision making is needed. Therefore, it is paramount that riders continue some sort of training on a regular basis that will allow for increased skill levels.

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